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About Rare Bird

At Rare Bird, we source items that are beautiful, unusual, eccentric and fun.

Our Rare Bird online shop has a combination of items that ensures that there is always something at every price point and makes Rare Bird a destination for all kinds of interesting objects.

There are no rules in relation to what we sell but we do have certain constants that underpin our ethos:

  • The first is sustainability. At a time when it is becoming more and more imperative to save the planet, the acquisition of antiques, collectables and vintage items is one of the most sustainable ways to decorate your home.
  • Secondly, we provide items that will add a decorative element and personality to your home and which will complement the most modern and post- post -modern of interiors.
  • Thirdly, we particularly love interpretations of the animal kingdom, in all its forms, and the quirkier the representation the more likely it is to put a smile on our faces and find its way into our website.

However, true to Rare Bird’s all-embracing approach, we also stock more traditional items such as antique silver and those antique and vintage essentials for your dining room table. In addition, we have a fine collection of antique maps, documents and engravings, which will look good in both contemporary and traditional interiors.

The website also includes a selection of new items such as contemporary craft, homeware and our popular gift bags and cushion covers.

About Us

K and M (owners??). Our background is in academia, teaching and publishing. We have always been collectors and decided to set up Rare Bird as an outlet for unusual, enticing and affordable objects.  We sell things we are drawn to and embrace items from all parts of the globe.  Locally, we are influenced by our homes on the Cape West Coast and in the Karoo (South Africa).

Rare Bird loves

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